About Me: Why SBI

Why SBI? Because SBI Pays My Bills 🙂

Believe me, I have tried them all!

From Data Entry and Surveys to Envelope Stuffing and MLM’s.

In fact, I spent over $15,000 on home businesses.

NOT something I am proud of, but what is done, is done!


Oh, I DID make some money here and there.

But never enough to pay bills, let alone quit my job or prove to anyone that you can make money on the internet.

Then I met SBI.

With the SBI ( SiteBuildIt) program to help me build a website from scratch, while teaching me everything I needed to know about SEO and how to find the right niche, how to set up my pages so that people could find me on the first page of google, and so much more… I FINALLY found my place in the world of internet marketing.

AND I was able to do this ALL WITHOUT HAVING TO LEARN about HTML which to me was HUGE, as it scared me spitless to think about having to learn all the coding and unreadable stuff that goes into building a site.

Why SBI? I had always thought that learning how to build a website would be hard to learn — I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Why SBI: The Training

The training I got with the SBI program was what FINALLY helped it all come together for me and make sense… plus it gave me ALL the tools I needed to create a website (and NO I did NOT know any html, in fact I am still very limited in what I can do as far as using html or css codes.

My first SBI site is making me a steady thousand a month after only two years.

Some niche sites take off much quicker than others, it all depends on the niche and you may decide on a niche or topic that may get you to that amount more quickly, but please give yourself AT LEAST a year for it to start paying you well before giving up!

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If you are brand new to internet marketing… You Need to Read This!

Rome wasn’t built in a day… Why SBI? It tells you that with brain and motivation, you will succeed. It takes TIME to build an online business.

It did not happen overnight, for me, as far as making the money…. it rarely does for anybody… it takes time to build something online and I think for many people it can take anywhere from a few months to as much as a year before they see significant results.

Why SBI? For me it was after about 6 months that I started making about $50 a month and then it went to a $100 a month and just kept on growing. ….That is with spending about 4 hours a day on building my site. I am a busy mom, wife and also have an offline janitorial business I own, plus I love to run to yard sales and find stuff to sell on Ebay.&#9786


Once you hit the one year mark is when you should start seeing bigger numbers in earnings – enough to pay some bills etc.

When I started my SBI site, I was already doing some blogging and building Squidoo pages, but with VERY MINIMAL SUCCESS… I had bought the ONE WEEK MARKETING plan which gave me a boost with my blogs and Squidoo lenses, but nothing was making me enough money to show anybody.

truth-on-mlmSo bottom line for is that although there are a variety of tools and programs we can use to build online businesses, and I actually have several others scattered throughout the website here… the ONE SINGLE PROGRAM I can highly recommend if you are a brand new beginner at Internet Marketing is , hands down, SBI.

There is a learning curve with internet marketing just as with ANY new job or task in any situation. The more you learn about affiliate and internet marketing and how it all works, the more you will discover that there is NO LIMIT to what can be done with it as long as you have a computer, the ‘net and some time to put into it every day.

It takes a lot of time to build something successfully on the internet, and the more time you have the better, but if you are like me with only a few hours here and there, you can still do it.

Sometimes all you need is to SIMPLY GET STARTED with something.

If you are anything like I was… and have been researching and reading and trying to learn what the heck this stuff is all about, but feel as lost as a needle in a haystack, here is a word of advice…. JUST GET STARTED! Get a Plan of some sort – some direction – and just never quit!

I will always recommend SBI as that is what I used to find success, but there are other great programs out there as well, the whole point is… just FIND one and USE IT!!

Onward and upward!