ACN Telecommunications and VOIP ACN Review

ACN Telecommunications and VOIP ACN Review

American Communications Network (ACN Telecommunications) has been the leader in MLM telecommunication services for several years.

acn telecommunications

ACN is a multi-level marketing company that was founded in 1993. It got its start in Farmington Hills, Michican then moved its headquarters to Concord, NC. The C.E.O.’s consist of five gentlemen by the name of Charles Barker, Robert Stevanovski, Gregory Provensano, Anthony Cupisz and Michael Cupisz.

ACN has offices in Canada, Australia, Sweden, Amsterdam, Netherland and Poland.

In 1998 ACN was listed in the Inc 500 magazine as the number 22nd fastest growing company in the United States.
In 2006 multi-billionare Donald Trump has endorsed ACN and has been
present at several ACN engagements. ACN’s services consist of:

  • digital phone services
  • landline video phones
  • local and long distance services
  • high speed internet
  • satellite television
  • cellular phones
  • VOIP
  • and home security systems.

Technology Business

Interested in technology and software?

If you are interested in owning a network marketing business in
technology and things like VOIP, ACN just may be a great fit for you.

Here are a few videos that may help explain things a bit more on the business end.

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