Agel Enterprises Skin Care MLM Business Review

Agel Enterprises was established in March 2005 in Provo, Utah by Glen Jensen. This multi-level marketing company supplies a SUPERIOR quality of skin care products and is now available in over 55 countries. Most of the Agel products are Gelceuticals, such as suspension gels and gel strips.

agel gelceuticals

The founder Glenn Jensen was an independent representative for other MLM companies such as Neways and Nu Skin Enterprises.

Due to the fact that this company had such a rapid growth rate it moved to Lehi, Utah.

According to Agel’s website its mission statement is:
” to empower individuals to achieve new levels of health, financial success and personal freedom by extending those same benefits to those around them. Agel grows as its people grow through commitment, dedication, and collaboration.”
Agel also has its own prepaid Visa card.

Doing Agel as a Home Business

In order to participate as an Independent Representative for this
company one has to be at least 18 years of age, so if you are into health and wellness, and skin care, you may want to take a closer look at this home based business.

The Agel comp plan looks to be similar to the Visalus plan where you can enter at various levels, with the lowest being $35 and the top $500.

There is the normal points system that most mlm comp plans are using nowadays with the added benefit of a vehicle bonus. ( this is similar to the Visalus plan where you can advance to a certain level, buy a car and the company makes your car payments.)

One great asset each business builder in Agel has, is to have the opportunity to work with a team to generate larger commissions and bonuses for everyone. Becoming a part of a team is HUGE when you are just getting started.

It looks like a legit company to me, but like any company out there, do your due diligence before taking that leap INTO the pond! Try the products… see if you can believe in the product itself. It is very hard to be successful at anything you don’t believe in!