Amsoil Review

If you are a mechanic then you have probably heard of Amzoil, but what you may NOT know without reading this Amsoil review is that it is a very lucrative business opportunity.


Amsoil was founded as a multi-level marketing company in the year 1972
and has since blossomed into a HUGE enterprise in the auto mlm industry
with it’s company’s headquarters is located in Superior Wisconsin.

The leadership of Amsoil consists of CEO and president Albert J.
Amatuzio, COO and executive vice president Alan Amatuzio and general
manager and executive vice president Dean Alexander.

Amsoil Review: Amsoil Product Line

They have regional warehouses spread out through the United States
and internationally. The idea was introduced by an individual by the
name of Albert Amatuzio. His experience as a Lieutenant and commander
of a jet fighter squadron enabled him to see synthetic lubricants put to use.
It was then he discovered that this same product will be priceless to
inflammable engines. Through all his research and hard work, we now have
three benefits that this amazing synthetic oil provides:

  • 1. Reducing friction as well as wear and tear on your engine.
  • 2. Engines Functioning at severe temperatures.
  • 3. Withstanding lengthy mechanical operations… among many other benefits, I am sure!

Albert Amatuzia was eventually inducted to the Lubricants World Hall of Fame.

amzoil products

Since these products made their appearance in the early seventies,
they have added a complete line of auto mlm type products that network
marketers and dealers can market on a commission basis.

were the FIRST company to produce synthetic oils that could be used in
diesel engines, racing motors and marine and turbo engines.

it should be fairly easy to market their products as EVERYONE with an
engine or racing vehicle has heard of Amsoil products!

If you are an avid racer fan, or weekend beach cruiser, this just may be the mlm opportunity that is up your alley!

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