At Home America – Host a Party and Make Money

Party Your Way to Financial Freedom!

At Home America was co founded by two females by the name of
Becky Wright and Lisa Brandau in 1983 and they specialize in decorative
designs for various themes and different styles that come with the

at home americ

These girls have added some BEAUTIFUL home decor items since then.

I have a friend that will host a party with Athomeamerica and not
only does SHE get cool home decor items, but they are very easy to sell,
because of their design and the amazing colors they keep coming out

It is one of the funnest (is that even a word?!)
ways to make money from home, as you get to hang out with your friends,
plus make TONS of new friends that LOVE to buy the attractive home decor

At Home America – Parties are Fun!

What a better way to do that than by allowing moms to get together
and have fun with party hosting, while making money to buy more pretty
things with!

If you are a party hosting chick then this just might be the opportunity for you!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the REALLY good part about At Home America – you can be in business for yourself for only $49!

Becky Wright and Lisa Brandau are also leading the “help America foundation.”

They currently provide help and support for all the homeless in the United States.

I love their mission statement, here is a quote from it: “We the people of At Home America, with commitment and great pride, in the spirit of service to God first, followed by our families, and we are on a mission to change America one heart, one home, one family at a time.”