Best MLM Company or Internet Marketing Business

Best MLM Company But is It The Best for You?

What is The Best MLM Company in Your Eyes?

What makes an MLM company be considered as the best network marketing company to represent?

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Some consider the company with the most revenue.

consider the company who is established in the most countries. Still
others look at the training and support system it has.

Still other factors that could be considered are the start up fee, number of representatives, or the compensation plan.

HOWEVER what may the best network marketing company in YOUR eyes may not be what someone else values in an mlm or network company.

Stop for a few minutes and ask yourself what would benefit YOU most in a network marketing company. What is that YOU want to do with additional income? What KIND of company do you want to work with?

Those are questions we all need to ask ourselves when we are looking at joining an mlm company.

Would It Be…

Would it be the opportunity to distribute in 10 or more countries?
… Would it be certain bonuses you receive? … Would it be the company
with the best mlm strategies? Some people are just excited at the fact that they would be financially free if they were successful in ANY company. It
may excite you that a certain network marketing company distributes in
different countries. Take into consideration that you may not be good
at marketing internationally.

Also, even if the
network marketing company reports the most revenue doesn’t mean that you
would have a better chance at promoting more of their products. If you are scared of rejection
and won’t talk to prospects, it wouldn’t matter how easy the business
is, the compensation and bonus plan won’t matter because you will not
make a dime.

Many prospects attend network marketing business meetings and leave feeling like they’ve attended a presentation of the best mlm company in the world. They want to be a part of this opportunity before they miss out.

They are floating on a cloud and are invincible. THEIRS is the BEST network marketing company around and NO ONE is going to convince them otherwise!

So it stands to reason that the most successful network marketers are those that faithfully attend their company meetings and training sessions!

Many network marketing companies do have a positive track record; however there is no easy way to determine which one is the best overall.

may be able to determine which one is the best in a particular
category. The problem that some might see with that is inequality.

say for example network marketing company (A) sells a product for $20
each and network marketing company (B) sells a product for $40. If
network marketing company (B) sells 6 products and network marketing
company (A) sells 10 products that would mean network marketing company
(A) was more productive. However, just because network marketing
company (B) products cost more it would get recognized as having the
most revenue.

There are categories that we can list as being the best mlm company as far as a particular group is concerned and (the following information is subject to change – these are statistics effective at the date this webpage was uploaded).

A Few Stats

But here are a few statistics for you:

The best mlm company as far as POPULARITY is:

The best mlm company as far as LONGEVITY is:

  • AVON
    Has been in business 123 years

The best mlm companies as far as REVENUE are:(the following are tied for having at least more than 1 billion dollars in revenue)

Best MLM Company or Internet Marketing Business

The best company as far as compensation plan, number of representatives or highest revenue is not easily determined.

The reason being that the answer to these categories either fluctuate
so much or is based on opinion. The fact IS that many network marketing
companies have different mlm compensation structures, so it is your
opinion on which one may be the best.

If you think the
best company is the one with the most representatives, it would be
impossible to track which company that is. It would be overwhelming to
track the hundreds of people who join (as well as quit) different mlm’s everyday.

So which is the best mlm company for you?

It is the one with the product you believe in with all your heart and matches your interest.