Chain Letter and How it Works

Chain Letter Can Cost a Bunch on Postage

Pass it on..

Usually a chain letter is a copy of a document that is sent to an
individual with instructions to “pass it on.” Sometimes the chain
letters contain information that tell sad stories of certain tragedies
that happened to a particular person. In the end, the letter will ask
you to send a donation of some kind to the victim and ask you to forward
the letter to your friends so they can read it also.


I have actually DONE a few of these so called ‘legal chain letters’
where you send a dollar to the first couple people on the list and then
take the top person’s name off the list, add your own name and send out a
thousand of these letters. You end up paying a lot of money for postage
and recouping about 1/1000th of your investment back, IF that much!

Email chain letters

Email chain letters are usually for a fundraiser or cancer awareness or something where they want you to donate a dollar and forward the email to as many people as possible.

Other emails appear to be threatening. They appear to be from executives or high level employees of your internet service provider. These emails may ask you to pay a fee for service or threaten to cancel your subscription if you have one.

The most common emails are the one that give you a message and tell you that if you don’t pass it on you will have bad luck. The worse case scenario would be a virus sent to you through mass mailing. If you forward that email the results could be devastating.

I ALWAYS delete the bad luck emails and have never gotten any bad luck!

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