Discovery Toys Inc and Educational Toys as a Home Business

A Fun PLAYful Business!

Discovery Toys Inc offers toys, games and reading material that has a
main purpose to teach and inspire youth of different age groups.

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It was founded by an early childhood educator by the name of Lane
Nemeth and its headquarters are currently in Livermore, California.

products are distributed in the United States and Canada with
representatives mainly consisting of teachers and parents; however, the
opportunity is open to anyone.

Very likely the reason parents and
teachers are the most successful with DiscoveryToys as a way to make
money at home is because they actually USE the products.

is a proven fact that if you actually USE the products you are
promoting via network marketing or mlm business, you will be more
successful because you KNOW what you are talking about and you can endorse what you are selling! This would be a wonderful home based business opportunity for moms with preschoolers!

Discovery Toys Inc mission statement:

discovery toys business
  • Teach.Discovery Toys creates highly engaging
    toys, books, games, and music that help parents and caregivers teach
    their children a love of learning while boosting their early childhood
    developmental skills.
  • Play.Discovery Toys ignites the imaginations and interest of children as they grow through play, day after day.
  • Inspire.Discovery
    Toys products not only inspire children to learn, they encourage
    parents and educators to teach and learn along with them.

The senior management team consists of:

Jeremy Hobbs (Chairman)

Meryl Holland (Chief Creative officer)

Leslie Boyd Bradley (Vice President of Sales)