Ecoquest Intl Brief Business Overview

Ecoquest Intl manufactures air purifiers that is said to relieve
allergies and asthma as well as other respiratory conditions.

ecoquest int

This page is an unbiased review of Ecoquest as a business opportunity, and if any of our readers are part of this business or a qualified rep, please contact us for details on adding your website to our directory for free.

The company was founded by and individual by the name of Michael Jackson in the year 2000 and bases in Greenville, TN.

a part of this company affords you the opportunity to do retails sales
while recruiting and assisting others expand their business.

Vollara and Re Fuel

Ecoquest has approximately 160,000 independent contractors representing them all over the world and has gained a reputation of being one of the top air purification companies in America. This is a great company with a good reputation that could present a good multi level marketing opportunity and income stream.

ecoquest international business

NOTE: As of early 2010 Ecoquest changed its name to Vollara.
This company still sells air purifiers and vitamins, however, its headquarters are in Bristol, VA., and they also offer a variety of other products, including an energizer protein drink of something called

The leadership consists of Joseph P. Urso, Chairman and C.E.O., Bill Coyle who is the Executive Vice President of Sales, Bret Holland who is the Chief Financial Officer, and Kevin Hickey who is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Also there is Carl C. Christoff who holds the position of President & Chief Legal Officer and Mark Battista who holds the position of Executive Vice President.

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