False Billing in Network Marketing and Other Billing Scams

False billing is another form of MLM fraud and is pretty self explanatory but for those who don’t know, it is when you are charged for something that you didn’t get or use.

false billing

I’ll give you a personal example. In February of 2009 a professional lawn service kept calling me approximately 5-6 times a day to sell me fertilizer and grub control packages for my lawn.

After my 3rd time telling them “No” for that month I saw a tag on my door 2 weeks later with a bill for $41 and a thank you note. I didn’t agree to any package and I received a bill. That was False Billing.

Another Example …

Another example would be if you paid a $12/year subscription to a magazine. In approximately 3 months you get a bill for another $12. You already purchased the magazine and paid it off for the year and
should be billed again.

It is very important that when you join an MLM company or pay for any of its services that you understand what you are offering or paying for. Read the fine print and look on the back of every page.

Here is a tip when watching TV sales commercials:

    Press the mute button and read the fine print.

You’ll be amazed at what you read in the fine print!

False Billing in Network Marketing

A very common form of billing scams in network marketing is where you get a bill in the mail on your domain name.

The first time I got one of those billing scams, it took me for a loop as it stated that my domain was due for renewal and I needed to send them x amount of money in order to keep it.

The reason it took me for surprise was because I had bought the domain as part of my SBI site, so I was afraid someone had hacked into something somewhere.

I chose to ignore the bill and have received several since then on other domains.

I have no idea who does those or what it is, but when you buy a domain name from GoDaddy, it is usually paid online and all the billing is done online as well, so make sure it isn’t a billing scam before you send any money through the mail!

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