Forever Living Products and Biz Opp

Forever Living Products is a multi level marketing company that specializes in personal care and nutritional supplements. They were founded in 1978 by an individual by the name of Rex Maughan and currently located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

forever living products

ForeverLiving currently does business in over 130 countries. They have employed over 4000 individuals (not reps) as of 2006.

It has reportedly placed #340 out of 500 in the top 500 fastest growing companies
according to the Forbes list in 2006.

The executive team for this company consists of four people. The names and positions of these four individuals are Rex Maughan (CEO and Chairman of the Board), Gregg Maughan (President), Rjay Lloyd (Vice Chairman and CFO) and Navaz Ghaswala (Executive Vice President).

Forever Living as a Home Business

One great and unique feature of this company is that you can sign up as a rep for free.

I don’t understand all the policies they have but you can sign up as a member and then you do have to pay twenty bucks a month or so to have access to all the business tools, such a website etc.

Among the forever living products are:

  • Nutrition drinks
  • Sonya skin care products
  • Bee products , such as royal jelly, propolis, etc.
  • Weight management products
  • and of course their famous Aloe Vera Juice products

It seems to be a well rounded company to be involved in as a rep or distributor.

There are forums where you can get more information and get involved in teams etc, such as where there are over a million moms registered at.

Or where moms (and dads) are involved in ALL kinds of mlm and network marketing companies.

Forums are a great place where you can find teams to work with and also great places to learn about the ins and outs of network marketing.