Free MLM Leads and Traffic to YOUR Site!

If you are interested in exchanging a simple article for free mlm leads and TRAFFIC to your site, then you have come to the right place.

free mlm lead

I recently added a bunch of pages to our website on various network marketing companies and mlm businesses.

But I have a problem.

Without having much experience or knowledge with the various companies out there, it is hard to give an accurate description.

there are constantly new companies rising up that I would LOVE to add
but don’t have the time or enough knowledge on them…


I came up with a solution.

It is a simple way for me to get content written on some topics I know next to nothing about and for YOU to get good quality traffic to your site and a lead generation system going that could last for years to come.

I think it is a great win win situation for both of us!

Here’s How to Get Free MLM Leads and Traffic for your Business

Simply use the form below to write a well-informed and educative 300+ word article.

Your submission NEEDS to be at LEAST 300 words. We can only build a page if there is enough material, and anything less than 300 words will be added to one of other pages, instead of being a stand-alone page on your business.

Here are some ideas on what to include:

  • Why you love your network marketing company

  • Brief overview on how it works
  • Any interesting things about the company and/or products
  • Your experiences so far
  • What you do for marketing, etc…

Those are some guidelines, you can basically write what you want. With the exception of bashing other companies!

What WE do for YOU!

We will add your article as a page to our website that is all about YOUR company and allow one link to YOUR website or landing page for every 100 words. PLUS…

  • Ping it to google

  • Submit it to a bookmarking software we use

  • Add it to directories

  • Plus a few other little things we do to help get our pages ‘out there’ =)

A few tips when writing your free mlm leads article.

Choose a keyword phrase with your company name in it and then use that exact phrase in:

  • The title

  • The beginning sentence
  • sprinkle a form of it throughout your article
  • Use it a link (If you don’t know how to link out to your landing page don’t worry. We will help you with that when we edit it.
  • Use the keyword in the ending paragraph and about once per every 100 words.

Using the right keywords can greatly help in getting more traffic to your page once it is built. And once again, if you don’t know much about that, we will be happy to help.

Use the form below – it is really quite simple. Feel free to add pictures as well – looking forward to reading your articles.