Description of Fuller Brush Company

An individual by the name of Alfred Carl Fuller founded Fuller Brush Company on January 1st of 1906 in Canada. That makes them one of the oldest companies in mlms! This company specialized in hair brushes with a lifetime guarantee.

fuller brush company

The primary way of marketing for Fuller Brush Company consisted of door to door marketing,
which is what some other companies STILL do today, such as Kirby Vacuum
cleaners or CutCo knives for instance.

Alfred Fuller’s
son, Avard Fuller, took over the company after his father’s death in
1973. Since then the company had several locations which included East
Hartford Connecticut, Albany NY, and Great Bend Kansas. The company’s
current location is in a 500,000 square foot plant located in Great
Bend, Kansas.Over 2000 Fuller products have been manufactured since

The Fuller company also managed to expand its product line to offer bathroom products, car and floor care, home scents, and organizers. Their website states the following:

Some Basic Fuller Brush Company Rules

From the beginning Fuller established three basic rules:

    •Make it work

    •Make it last

    •Guarantee it no matter what.

fuller brush product

Fuller Brush is another of those mlm companies that have been around for
so long that a lot of people will have one of two reactions when you
mention the name.

  • Oh, it’s just another mlm scam that has been around for years and doesn’t work.… uh duh, if they don’t work, then why are they still HERE?!
  • OR they will say,Oh yeah, I have heard of Fuller Brush Company, They have been around forever.

Either way, it is a viable reputable company that has been around longer than most of us have been!

Although you may have to do some research to see if they are still an mlm company or are perhaps just a retailing company now.