Google Panda and What to Do About Google Algorithms

Google Panda Got You all Worked Up?

So, as of Feb 2012, Google panda strikes again. Wonder who ever came up with the term “panda” anyways!? It’s more like a panther for some marketers!
… Or maybe a python, slowly sucking the life out of websites and blogs, as they sink to the bottom of the google sandbox…

google panda

Regardless, because of the things I have learned since panda started rearing it’s head now and then, my sites have surged forward and upward each time Google does another panda algorithm.

things happen because of greedy marketers using black-hat techniques
and clogging the internet with useless information. So in the long run,
we that are building good solid, content rich websites, always win in
the end!

AND, there are a few things that I have found to be a common thread among the google panda update survivors, and thanks to some folks like ‘Potpie Girl’ and Matt Carter who has the
famous SEO ACADEMY program, we are able to glean from their experiences
and learn more about SEO and how to find out way back out of the sandbox
and start rising to the top again.

There are a bunch of folks that gave up after seeing their blogs and
sites fall so far from site that it seemed hopeless to revive them
again, BUT MOST OF THEM WERE USING BLACKHAT TECHNIQUES in the first place so they are probably right about their sites not being worth restoring.

QUALITY, content rich sites…

For the folks that have built quality, content rich sites, the fall
hasn’t been quite as hard, although for me, one of my main sites is FULL
of content, all my own unique stuff, and it still fell pretty hard. (It is regaining quite rapidly for which I am very thankful!)

google panda update

I have three SBI sites… and SBI site are KNOWN for their ability to
ride out the storms of google algorithms and panda updates, but for
some reason two of my sites stayed okay and one dropped way down low…
the only reason I have found so far was that I used article spinning
software on that one. ouch!

Article marketing is still
a great way to get backlinks, but you will want to rewrite the whole
article and NOT do what I often did, which was simply change the title
and a few phrases and slap into some article directories.

basically, from some of the research we have done, the sites with great
content, and over a hundred pages fared much better than some of the
smaller niche sites that were loaded with adsense and affiliate links,
and that had very little, if any, original content.

personally HIGHLY recommend Matt Carter’s SEO ACADEMY program as he has
included a lot of training in it on how to deal with google panda and
it’s growling. Plus Matt is one of the few guys that I even open emails
from anymore (and believe me, I get a TON of marketing emails!)
and I also watch his webinars as he ALWAYS over-delivers and even though
I rarely buy whatever he offers at the end of the program, I always
come away with something that I can implement on my sites to enhance the
SEO strategies of them.

I have been informed that the door is closed to new SEO Academy members at this time, so simply go to his blog at and grab his free stuff.

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