Herbalife Health Products and Business Overview

Herbalife Health Products was founded in 1980 in Los Angeles California by an individual by the name of Michael Hughes. They specialize in weight loss and skin care…with the Herbalife healthy weight loss being one of their most popular products.


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The founder, Mark Hughes, began selling Herbalife from the trunk of his car and within 2 years (1982) he reached 2 million dollars in sales and expanded to Canada with the help of other distributors.

1986 the company became publicly traded and by 1996 had earned 1
billion dollars in sales. In spite of all the talk about the ‘Herbalife
Scam’ this company has been a successful mlm business ever since Mark’s ‘car trunk business. As of now, this company has approximately 4,000 people employed worldwide and does business in over 70 countries.

Herbalife Health Products

The Herba-Life products consist of fitness supplements, protein snacks, protein shakes, as well as personal care products.


The Herbalife Healthy weight loss program is a fairly well known program which makes it a bit easier when it comes to marketing it.

currently has approximately 2 million independent representatives and had 2.9 billion dollars in sales in 2009. Some common complaints of people that have done Herbalife as a home based business, was that they
had to buy so much product in monthly volume in order to hit payout, so you may want to check that out some more as you do your research, but any time there is a reputable mlm company that has stood the test of time and has that many reps in that many companies,it must have done SOMETHING right.

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