Internet Marketing Definition – IM is Really Quite Simple

Internet Marketing Definition – Marketing on The Internet is Really Quite Simple

Internet Marketing Definition:

marketing a service or product with the power of the internet.

internet marketing definitio

Pretty simple actually.

Notice I didn’t say EASY – just simple.

If internetworkmarketing was EASY, everyone and his brother would be getting rich off the internet!

And BECAUSE it takes some time to master the art of and learn what internet marketing is all about, many people simply can’t stick with it…. leaving more fish to catch for those of us that are determined to learn the skill!

Simple is Not Always EASY!

When I say that the internet marketing definition is simple, it really IS simple.

are simply using the wonderful tools and technology called the internet
to market a product or service to a world wide market.

instance, one of the things I market on the internet is log furniture
and I live in a VERY RURAL little town in the northwest. I would STARVE
if I depended on sales from our small town! but because of the internet ,
I now have all 50 states at my fingertips and can market to anyone I
want to.

So here’s Another Internet Marketing Definition or Analogy:

Okay, so if you have a blog or website of any sort, you now have a piece of what is often called “virtual real estate” by internet gurus, that you call your own piece of internet land, so to speak… you can park signs on it, you can set up a warehouse on this piece of virtual realestate, you can set up a store… in fact, you can even set up a library.

BUT UNLESS YOU FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET VISITORS AND TRAFFIC TO YOUR BEAUTIFUL LITTLE PIECE OF INTERNET LAND, you will be working and sweating in vain. It would be like building an empire out in the middle of the Siberian wilderness.

And THAT is where most people quit. Not because it is too hard, but because it takes time and effort to get word out to the public about your internet real estate.

Once you have traffic going by and passing thru your doors, you can do ANYTHING to make money off them.

So my advice to anyone wanting to know the real internet marketing definition is to go ahead, set up some virtual real estate, and start learning how to get traffic to your website. The money will follow, as long as you don’t join the quitter’s bench!

Read my story and experience with SBI or SiteBuildIt as a means of building your very own virtual real estate here. It may spark some ideas for you.

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