Internet Marketing Video Tutorial

And This One’s Free!

Let me introduce you to MY favorite internet marketing video tutorial!

internet marketing video tutoria

I have paid for a bunch of internet training tools in learning how to
market a business on the internet – whether it is for an mlm business
or simple doing internet marketing – and when I came across Matt
Carter’s free internet marketing video course, I was amazed.

The best part is that THE IM VIDEO SERIES is free to use. There is literally a TON of free info in his video series that most marketers pay lots of money for.

Internet Marketing Video Tutorial

I was visiting my
family recently and was asked numerous times how I make so much money
on the internet and I soon figured out that I need to come up with some descriptive answers when trying to DEFINE internet marketing, as so many people have NO idea what it’s all about! So here is what I told them. 🙂

A Simple Way to Define Internet Marketing

Compare internet marketing to owning a piece of property on the interstate.

The normal ways to market your business is to put up a big sign, correct?

Or run an ad in the local newspaper.

Or perhaps hang up a couple flyers.

All of these methods cost money…. some of them cost LOTS of money… and if you take the signs down, or quit running an ad, your business will slowly trickle to nothing.

EVEN with a sign on the interstate, you have to MAKE IT COMPELLING enough to get people to stop by your store.

With INTERNET marketing, you ALSO have a piece of real estate – some call it virtual real estate. can have the most beautiful piece of real estate on the internet, a store front – or website – but without traffic, it will never yield you any profit.

You have to do internet marketing to get traffic to your website.

AND MANY OF THE INTERNET MARKETING BUSINESS METHODS ARE ACTUALLY FREE TO DO! This can be anything from writing articles to adding content to your site on a regular basis.

There are free ways to get traffic and there are paid ways, such as google adwords, etc. But the principle is the same – you have to market your business SOMEHOW to get traffic

And watching as many internet marketing video tutorials as you can will definitely help! grin

So even though it may be a bit hard to define internet marketing to someone that has no clue how the internet works – as is the case with MY family – it still helps them realize in a small way that we are actually doing REAL business, it’s just in an internet world… and instead of attending business meetings and dressing up every day to go sit in an office, we watch internet marketing video tutorials in our pjs…

And for someone like me, living in a small town of about 1300 people, internet marketing has opened up my business to a worldwide marketplace!