Internetwork Marketing

Internetwork Marketing – Say That Again?

Call it NETwork marketing…

Internetwork marketing is pretty self explanatory.

internetwork marketin

It is network marketing using the internet and SOCIAL media.

Or that’s MY interpretation of internetwork marketing anyways!

You can learn a lot about:

.. and ways to use the internet for social network marketing but what you may NOT know is that most network marketers do it all wrong.

Many fail for YEARS before finally hitting the right chord and find
success. Some view Offline MLM (not using the internet) as almost a
guaranteed failure. The reason of failure could be a variety of things,
such as… you may be at the second earned position in the company, but eventually run out of leads.

say after they sponsored someone online and helped them reach a high
position and earn a considerable amount of money they got to BE friends.
Most of the time it depends on your personal experience.

So What are They Doing Wrong?

Often the reason internet marketing is done wrong is because people
approach internetwork marketing as if they are still approaching people
in person.

While cruising the internet online when responding to forums and chat rooms it is done in a semi-aggressive manner.

An example would be if I joined a forum and responded to a topic with, “Make $20,000 a month by clicking here!”, or “Nice discussion, my link below explains more on the subject.”

People KNOW when they’re being pitched
and I, for one, HATE to have someone throw up all over me, with how
wonderful and amazing THEIR business opportunity is, when all I am
looking for is an honest answer to my questions. Remember that people actually like buying something, but don’t like to be sold.

a result of people doing these kinds of forcible methods on the
internet the network marketing companies don’t trust us to market their
company or their products in our own words, instead of simply doing social networking
which works MUCH better. That’s why depending on what company you are
with, you may not allowed to make any claims or representations about
the company in any websites or publications you may have.

Lead generating Tip:

After speaking with a few individuals on lead generation, one in particular admitted that they gained more leads through internet marketing and got to a high position in their company.

However the prospects they sponsored in person instead of using the internet stayed with them longer because they already had a relationship to begin with.

Company Provided Websites

Many mlm companies make a company website for us to market online.

Search engines DO NOT like sites like these because there are usually hundreds of these duplicate sites. They are called cookie cutter websites and the search engines see this as spam.

The best way to use these company provided websites is for lead generation.

A simple way to take advantage of company owned, replicated sites is to build your OWN website, here is a HIGHLY recommended Site Builder Tool for both Beginners AND Veterans…. then direct traffic to your company site where they can opt in for more info and BINGO, a FRESH, HOT lead for you to contact.

Play It Legal

The government regulates the mlm industry with a tight fist. Because
of the above mentioned tactics as well as the different pyramid schemes
that are in existence these days.

Information is free and knowledge is power so read the information in THIS Internetwork Marketing tool
and learn how to do internetwork marketing the right way.

After all, our goal when we joined was to be debt free and obtain the highest earned position in the company.


We DIDN’T join only to have good positive feelings whenever we leave a business meeting.

internetwork marketing , done the CORRECT way, you’ll have all three
(debt free, highest earned position, and a good feeling) above.

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