Jewels by Parklane is a Fun Business for WAHM’s

Jewels by Park Lane is one of the top direct selling mlm companies that sell jewelry.

parklane jewlery

Jewels by Parklane History

Two people by the name of Authur and Shirley LeVin founded Jewels by Parklane in 1955 in Chicago, Illinois.

The executive board consists of Henry Meeks who’s the Vice President of Sales and Development and Lori Mitchell who is the National Director of Executive Management along with several other National Directors.

Currently they have nine different categories of jewelry for customers and their representatives to market. For their representatives they have many different incentives and opportunities to reward them for their hard work.

Rewards include car bonuses, special recognition, 2 conventions a year, cash giveaways, and vacations which include exotic travel… so not only do you get to WEAR the Park Lane Jewelry, but you can also get these amazing rewards for your efforts!

Right now this opportunity markets only in the United States however…customers can place orders online through your website, so once you join Park Lane Jewellry as a business, you can direct people to YOUR website from all over the world who can then buy the beautiful jewels by Parklane.

Tip for Selling Park Lane Jewelry:


Here is a tip one of my friends shared that sells Jewellry by Park Lane:

WEAR the jewelry, whether it be a necklace, ear rings, bracelets, or WHATEVER.

Leave the price tag ON IT!

As your friends admire your new getup, you say, ” Oh thank you! As a matter of fact, it is for sale if you want to buy it.”

You will be amazed at not only how much jewellry you sell but also by all the new reps you can sign into the business because they see how easy it is to sell the jewelry!