Lia Sophia Jewelry

Lia Sophia Jewelry is a perfect mlm or home business opportunity for wahm’s that love jewelry!

lia sophia jewelry business

Lia Sophia Jewelry was a family owned (and run) business founded
in 1986. Actually, in 1986 the name of the company was called Lady
Remington until an individual by the name of Victor Kiam purchased it.

The hostess perks, (when you host a jewelry party) are awesome. You can get Lia Sophia necklaces and ear rings for half the price PLUS
make 30% on whatever anyone else buys, when they are at the party.

to mention all the fun you can have while doing it. Lia Sophia Jewelry
offers unique attention to detail jewelry that has a lifetime replacement guarantee. Your customers can purchase thru catalogues as well as directly from you or thru a website.

Their jewelry consists of rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, and bracelets which are all available in silver and gold.

Here is a brief portion of their mission statement:

our Advisors to reach higher than they ever imagined. Rewarding them
for success with endless opportunities for personal and professional
growth. Encouraging our employees to reach their full potential in a
place where their efforts are appreciated and their success celebrated.
Assisting our community through our support of and involvement in
charitable activities impacting women.


Here is a tip one of my friends shared that sells Jewels by Park Lane:

this little tip works with ANY jewelry business!

WEAR the jewelry, whether it be a necklace, ear rings, bracelets, or WHATEVER.

Leave the price tag ON IT!

As your friends admire your new getup, you say, ” Oh thank you! As a matter of fact, it is for sale if you want to buy it.”

You will be amazed at not only how much jewelry you sell but also by all the new reps you can sign into your new Lia Sophia Jewels business because they see how easy it is to sell the jewelry!