Longaberger Baskets Business Review

Longaberger Baskets is said to be the #1 maker of baskets made by hand in the United States. People LOVE these baskets and if you are a basket lover yourself, you may want to consider becoming a home consultant for them just so you can get the baskets for less or even free.

longaberger basket

And although I know they have a great comp plan for doing this as a
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The basket making was started by J.W.
Longaberger in 1919 but the company wasn’t started until about 1973 by
an individual by the name of Dave Longaberger.

After his death, his daughters took on the responsibility of conducting the family business.

The company is located in Newark, OH and has over 45,000 independent representatives.

What makes this company unique is that Longaberger is strictly family owned and operated.

Their primary method of conducting business is direct selling and hosting parties. I

Interesting fact:


The headquarters in Newark is shaped like a basket. Dave Longaberger actually wanted ALL the company buildings shaped like baskets, however, after his demise his daughters voted against it!