Mannatech Vitamins as a Home Based Business

Mannatech Vitamins have carbohydrates qualities that naturally come
from plants to produce health and wellness. They are sold via the mlm
business model, making it a very popular choice for network marketers
for several reasons.

mannatech vitamin
    1) There are only a few products making it a simple business.

    2) The Mannatech vitamins actually work quite well according to thousands of reps.

that having been said, this company is no different than any other, in
the fact that each person much do his due diligence to see if it is a
right fit as far as doing it as a business.

And you will also find ‘Mannatech scam! cries, just as with ANY mlm business out there.

This public MLM company was founded November 1993 in Coppell, Texas and
currently does business in over 16 countries. Some of the countries
include United States, Norway, South Africa, Taiwan, Denmark, Austria,
Australia, Japan, Netherlands, Republic of Korea, Germany, and

A Few Interesting Facts About Mannetech:

They made the 200 Best Small Companies for 2006 in the Forbes Magazine and 12th in Business Week Magazine for the 2007 Top Hot Growth Small Companies.

Mannatech has over 600,000 independent representatives and has over 600 employees.

Manna-tech has a non-profit organization called MannaRelief that was founded in 1999. This organization helped provide
products to over 80,000 orphans.

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