Matrix Schemes – Are they Legit?

Matrix schemes are similar to a ponzi scheme
but sometimes more difficult to recognize. These schemes are similar
to a ladder structure where you have a bunch of people doing the right
thing so that the person at the top wins….

matirx scam

For example, let’s say you have 10 people (numbered 1 through 10). The
number 1 person at the top of the list would have the nine people below
him purchase products which could range from e-books to pet supplies.

Once those 9 people make a purchase the number 1 guy at the top of
the list would get a grand prize such as an Xbox 360, 32″ Flat Screen
TV or an outdoor grill.

So the ultimate goal of the this
scheme is that the person at the top of the list to obtain a grand prize
by having people beneath them purchasing products.

However, the total amount of money that would be paid for the products is more than the grand prize.

For example, as mentioned above, the Xbox is worth approximately $350.
The products for sale would be worth at least $50. When 9 people
purchase 1 product each $450 would have been accumulated.

Matrix – Schemes or Not

Matrix schemes came into existence in 2002. Within one year there were over hundreds of those same schemes that were launched.

though the matrix scheme may not be as common anymore, it is ALWAYS
worth your time to research and determine if a particular opportunity is
legit because some schemes are very difficult to detect.

Craigslist seems to be a major funnel of scams these days so EVERYTHING from there needs to be researched extra well!

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