MLM Advertising and How to Generate Leads

mlm advertising

MLM Advertising is very important if you plan on bringing unlimited exposure to your mlm business and want to generate leads for it. Companies train their new recruits to do mlm marketing in a variety of ways these days, from learning how to prospect leads by phone to talking to your friends and family… to simply doing internet marketing where you don’t talk to hardly anyone.

Hands on …

Personally I think the most successful mlmers are the ones that have actual contact with their down-line and attend training seminars and company events with them.

Hanging out at a weekend training seminar with team members
is where I built life-long friendships and even though many of us are no longer in the same network marketing company that we started out in, and we are scattered across the US and Canada, we are ALL still very close friends.

So is mlm advertising important?

ABSOLUTELY! But building a good rapport with your new recruits is JUST as important!

Here is a short story of one of my mlm marketing friends

“When I began my network marketing career I was very excited. After I signed up my first rep I felt unstoppable.

However, my rep had trouble recruiting because their situation was different from mine. I went to college, joined a couple of student board organization, and was in a fraternity. As a result I made many new friends.

I kept contact with most of my friends and the people I met through those organizations. This made my warm market list longer.

My representative graduated high school, went to college for two years and went back home. The only people she had on her warm market list was her family which consisted of a little more than 50 people.

That didn’t seem bad at first. However, one family member had negative feelings about multi-level marketing itself and started calling it a pyramid scheme.

Within two weeks it spread through the family who didn’t take her serious in the first place. My rep’s family didn’t treat her as a true business person
because they still viewed her as the little kid taking the bus to junior high school several years ago.

It’s somewhat true that to seem important, you have to travel from at least 200 miles away with a brief case in your hand.

Anyway, when everyone on her list was contacted and she had no more leads, we she decided to make a flier. I helped her with the graphics and the wording.

By the time we were done, I was so excited that I called the RVP in my upline and told them about it. The RVP said, “That’s good but if you guys were doing the business the way we taught in training there would be no need for a flier.” I thought to myself, “What HAVEN’T we done that was taught in training?”

I realized he was telling us what he’s supposed to be telling us. He was convincing his downline to do it one way for so long he had to stick to that method, even though HE may be marketing a different way.

It came down to one thing for me. If you keep doing the same things you’ll keep getting the same results. If something works keep doing it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

You probably have someone on your warm market list that you haven’t spoken to in years. Calling them with an opportunity has the same affect as a vendor in Manhattan calling you over to the side to show you his product.

The difference and BEAUTY with MLM advertising is that you contact no one, but those who are interested contact YOU.

You don’t see Burger King, Macy’s and Geico representatives knocking on your door or calling your house for your business.

these same companies have millions (if not billions) of dollars in
profits. What million dollar company you know that ONLY advertises door
to door and doesn’t even have a website? Even most MLM companies have

Some ways to do mlm advertising is:

    1. Visit MLM forums, Blogs, Chat Rooms, and ezine submission websites on the internet.

    This is a free way to gain exposure and to generate leads.

    Read people’s concerns, questions, and comments.

    Then you respond accordingly.


    Forums, blogs, and chat rooms aren’t a place to just dump your opportunity on people. It’s a place like minded individuals can relate to each other. Occasionally you might see several people looking for an opportunity. If you are nervous writing to forums, blogs and chat rooms don’t worry. You can learn how to write anything if you apply yourself and use your experience.

    2: Pass out CD’s or DVD’s of your company to TARGETED people is another great way to do mlm advertising.

    Only interested people will actually watch the piquing material you give to them. You might’ve heard the term “Everyone is your prospect.” Well, no their not.

    Read the 7 Lies of Network Marketing to see the difference.

    3. Create business cards.

    Don’t just pass them out to anybody and everybody.

    Attend local networking meetings of people who have an interest in what you have to offer.

    For example, if you market a health food product join a health group that meets once a month and pass your cards out.

    If you market exercise products join a national wellness convention, meet people and pass out cards.

Tip on leaving business cards:

Everyone buys gas, right?

Well… when you leave the gas pump, insert your business card into the card slot at the pump.

The next person will HAVE to take it out before they can insert THEIR card and pump gas…and they’ll read it while pumping gas.

If you live in a small area like I do, then just have a card with a one-liner and a website on it, instead of your phone number.

One-liners usually work best anyways to do mlm advertising (and especially if you are trying to generate leads by directing them to a landing page), with an easy to remember , catchy domain, like:



Anyways you get the point, you will be amazed how many people will actually GO to your site and sign in for more info and BINGO, you have just started to generate leads for your business!

MY favorite way to do mlm advertising or to generate leads is by building a website. (such as the one you are on right now)

This method is very effective.

The reason is because when you are responding to blogs, forums, chat rooms or passing out business cards you can attach your web address to your signature online or have it printed on your card.

Don’t take MLM advertisinglightly.

The 3 way calls, piquing methods, and urgently approaching individuals may work to a certain point. However, we want to make REAL money and earn a top position in the company one day. If you want to learn more about internet advertising get some of these free resources and tools to get started.

A last AND VERY IMPORTANT tip I’ll leave with you is when implementing mlm advertising strategies, never bad mouth another company. It shows you have no class and will affect the way people view you. The last person most people want to do business with is someone they feel that is willing to sign someone up at any cost, even if it means assassinating people’s characters.