MLM Lead Generation

Actually it is Crucial

MLM Lead generation is one of the most important topics of network marketing.

mlm lead generatio

Without leads you have no business.

Leads bring customers and customers bring sales.

The same goes for mom and pop stores all the way up to the multi-billion dollar companies.

Have you tried generating your own leads?

MLM Lead Generation is a HUGE Part of ANY Business

MLM lead generation is one of the most sought after topics on the web by network marketers.

In this economy I’m sure you are very familiar with signs that say,
“Going Out Of Business.” It’s most likely they don’t have enough sales
to make a profit that would be enough to sustain the business.

Even companies in the stock market need leads. These companies have a legal obligation to make a profit to satisfy their stock holders.

Many network marketers know the importance of leads therefore scramble
and scrounge after any person that looks like they may be a possible

Warm Market Leads

Many representatives that I’ve spoken to told me that they ran out of people to contact on their warm market list.

Sometimes certain people cross our mind later on that we forgot to add to the list.

People such as the following you may remember from this what i consider to be old-school technique mlm lead generation list.

Old school or not, there are STILL mlm companies that recommend using a list such as this one.

  • Who’s your Hairdresser

  • Who’s your Barber
  • Who fixes your car
  • Who owes you money
  • Your teacher
  • Your child’s teacher
  • Your pastor
  • Your Dentist
  • Your Doctor
  • Who needs more money
  • Who needs a job
  • Who’s retired
  • Who own their own business
  • Who wants to own their own business
  • Your friends
  • Your bank teller
  • Who did your taxes
  • Who gave you a business card
  • Who you gave a business card to
  • Your car salesman
  • Your school principal
  • Who’s your neighbor
  • Your wife
  • Your husband
  • Your grandmother
  • Your grandfather
  • Your surgeon
  • Your supermarket clerk
  • Your pet groomer
  • Your mailman
  • Who does your nails
  • Who does your lawn
  • Who sold you raffle tickets
  • Your cousins
  • Your boss
  • The school bus driver
  • The local bus driver
  • Who loves to go shopping
  • Who makes websites
  • Who’s you photographer
  • Who likes to give parties
  • Who like to go to parties
  • Who cashes your checks
  • Who works 3rd shifts
  • Who likes to travel
  • Who likes to show off
  • Who likes to go to the movies
  • Who likes to play sports
  • Who has pets
  • Who baby sits
  • Who likes to cook
  • Who likes to go to work
  • Who likes to manage money
  • Your accountant
  • Your lawyer
  • Your Chiropractor
  • Your Landlord
  • Your local handyman
  • Who built your house
  • Your tenant
  • Who has a high level of energy
  • Shy people
  • Who likes to fly
  • Your co-workers
  • Who calls you
  • Who owes you a favor
  • Your college friends
  • Who sold you your pet
  • You sold you your furniture
Long Term MLM Success

I got lucky in that the first network marketing company I found was a great one. I have built a steady part time business for many years now. I didn’t achieve success fast, but I did start sponsoring literally from day 1.

After 6 years part time I reached a level where my income was relatively passive, and it was a full time amount, and since then I haven’t hardly sponsored any more, yet my business has continued to grow. That’s because I put in good ground work and took the time to help people I sponsored. Plus the company has a superb training program.

I am into self development and I think that helps. I also genuinely wanted to help others because I hated being in a job and wanted to help other people get out of unhappy situations!

I had a lot of success with my warm market, and in hindsight, the people who came from my warm market are the ones that have stuck at it.

– Submitted by Joanna (Cornwall, UK)

Let’s be Honest.

We don’t even feel comfortable talking to some of these people we
generated from the list above. In addition, we haven’t spoken to some
of them in YEARS.

Even if we DID speak to every single person generated from the list above there will be a time when we will exhaust that list.

For those that weren’t interested, we would normally keep them on the
list and contact them six months later because we are told that people’s
situations change.

Even if people’s situation don’t change we are told to keep adding people to the list because we meet new people every week.

I was convinced of this when someone asked me if I knew at least five more people now than I did six months ago.

fact is that after we talk to everyone we possibly can and use all of
the mlm lead generation materials that our company gives us, where do we
turn to?

What if after your list is exhausted you only have 4 reps actually become your downline and two quit after the first month?

We resort to buying leads online.

We think this is the answer to all of our problems.

I did it. I bought leads and called them every day for two years until I finally decided that is just not the way to go.

Many of the leads
are people’s names who have been sold and re-sold and passed around the
internet over and over again all because that so-called prospect
entered his name on a contact sheet to receive a free motivational book
or useful information.

Other mlm lead generation leads that
are bought online are false and have been taken out of a phone book and
then put up for sale at the expense of an honest network marketer
looking for some help.

Lastly (and I bought these, too) are the High Level Premium Leads (or whatever they choose to call them) for anywhere from $5 – to over $30 PER lead.

The good thing is that these people actually DID sign up to get more information on being financially free.

The bad thing is they’ve often been contacted several times before.

By the time YOU call them, they will either be ready for you and willing to talk to you OR they won’t answer their phone at all.

are many ways to take advantage of mlm lead generation techniques. The
difference is taking advantage of the ones that work….for YOU.

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