MLM Prospecting and MLM Business Marketing

MLM Prospecting and Prospecting Methods

The Magic Touch

MLM Prospecting is one of the most important actions that you can do in the mlm industry.

mlm prospectin

Prospecting creates leads and leads are what keeps your business alive.

You can give out CD ROMS and talk about your business until you are blue in the face but if you have no leads then you have no business …and no money.

And there is no magic bullet when it comes to mlm prospecting.


While we can share a few tips and strategies with you, most people learn by trial and error and WITH PRACTICE – TONS of practice.

Prospecting Methods

MLM Prospecting methods is any method used in collecting names of potential customers or clients based on their authority to make buying decisions.

You only get good at something that you practice UNTIL you get GOOD at it!

There are many ways to prospect or to do mlm business marketing, which includes the 3 foot rule. This involves talking to any one that you come within 3 feet of.

was chosen because it is assumed that any two people that allow
themselves to come within 3 feet of each other feel comfortable allowing
each other in their personal space.

AND it was invented LOOONG before the internet was born.

Therefore , with this what I like to refer to as “old school mlm business marketing”… you are expected to market your business to anyone that is breathing and within 3 feet of you.

BUT THANKFULLY, with the wonderful tool called the internet, we can do internet marketing which is MUCH better in my opinion!
mlm prospecting methods

Another way to engage in MLM Prospecting
is passing out CD ROMs and DVD’s.

Some individuals learn by reading and others learn by sight and hearing. Some would rather SEE what your mlm business is about than to have you explain it. (I AM LIKE THAT MYSELF.

is also said that most people make decisions based from their emotions.
Most CD ROMS and company DVD’s are made to work on individuals
emotions. Therefore, don’t be surprised if after your first time
watching a piquing interest DVD or CD ROM that you wanted to know more
about the opportunity.

A third way to prospect would involve asking them personally according to the sales scripts the company gives you.

Usually they are the common sense questions.

For example it would be a question like:

  • “Do you keep your business options open?” o
  • “If I can show you a way to earn enough money from home so you can quit your job would you be interested?,”
  • “If I can show you a way that you can own your own business would you like to learn more about it?”

There are many ways to go about MLM prospecting however, some question which method is more effective.

There are prospecting methods that sound good but not proven to work effectively.

You may obtain
quality mlm leads
by determining for yourself which method may be best for you after reading the free 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing book located here.

MLM Business Marketing mistake Number One!

A HUGE mistake most mlm business marketers make is being excited and wanting to tell their new prospect all about their business.

If you want success in MLM prospecting, you need to make it ALL ABOUT YOUR PROSPECT, instead of about YOU and your business.

Once you have connected with them, and created a rapport with them, THEN they will WANT to hear all about your business and will want to jump on board, REGARDLESS what it is you are marketing!

Save the mlm prospecting method which is called the 3 foot rule until you have made some money. Once you are making money, your friends NATURALLY want to know what you are doing!

out CD ROMS and DVD’s to prospects can be very effective – especially
once you are making money. It allows the prospect to see what the
business is about from a “front seat” point of view.

This allows the prospect to watch the opportunity video on their own time.

don’t make the mistake of chasing those same people either to try to
convince them that the business is really for them. Just call them and
get your CD ROM or DVD back (it can be costly to keep replacing CD ROM and DVD’s to give them away).

Dani Johnson has some amazing scripts to use for when you get your cd or dvd
back from someone. Go grab some of her free training here.

different prospecting methods come into existence very often. Take
advantage of the many options that are available to you and take away as
much knowledge as you can concerning MLM Prospecting or MLM business
marketing , as well as
tips on recruiting.

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