Motivated Moms – Maleluca or Just Bad Prospecting?

“What is Motivated Moms”….? I googled
this several times before I found the answer to my question. And
although I kinda had a hunch what it might be, I found out they hide it
pretty well! =)

motivated mom

Motivated Moms is Maleluca…

Not that Maleluca is a bad company, I love their products and I have
some great friends that are invloved with the business as work at home
moms. But personally, I don’t care for a marketing method where you
can’t tell people what you are doing, or how the system works, right up
front. And evidently that is what is happening as no where on the
MotivatedMoms websites can you find what the company is about.

Not Saying Melaluca is a Bad Company

I like to research things on my own and then if I am sold on the idea, I will call THEM and get more information. But then that’s just how I roll. =)

I guess the reason companies do the “motivated moms” form of mlm
prospecting method is to be able to connect with people on a personal
level BEFORE explaining to them how it all works… and they DEFINITELY
have a point. Good marketers always connect with their clients on a
relational level before introducing them to the business opportunity.

BUT if you keep running into a brick wall with this method of marketing, here is WHY:

  • You are trying to recruit people who want to make money but have NO IDEA how to run a business, much LESS an internet business.
  • You
    are trying to recruit people that are simply looking for an online
    job… and operating an mlm business is not a job, it’s a business.
  • If you have to talk someone INTO something, it is very easy for someone else to talk them back OUT of it!

May I suggest to you a better way to generate leads for your mlm business?

Find people that are ALREADY in some kind of mlm business but are having a hard time making a go of it.

Become part of online network marketing groups and forums, where you are in contact daily with people that are either already IN a home based business, or are actively researching for one.

Become an author and voice of authority in your niche.
If you ARE with a motivated moms group, then create a place where folks
can ask you questions. A few great network marketing forums are :

  • WarriorForum

Research has proven that 90% of internet marketers are FRUSTRATED with their internet marketing results. Help them…Be the pro … and a HELPFUL network marketing pro at that. Create trust in the marketplace. You will attract the right kind of “motivated moms” (or ANY gender) to your business when you use the right prospecting methods, and your success level will be much higher.

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