Site Build It and My MLM Story

SBI! Case Studies

I Just Needed to Make Some Money Already!

many others, I too wanted to find a way to earn a little (or a lot!)
more money than I was making at my job. And thus started my mlm story or
internet marketing journey…

SBI or SiteBuildIt
came into my life, I was introduced to network marketing.

year was 2002 and I couldn’t believe how simple they made it sound…. I
literally saw myself having things I dreamed about within 1 year
instead of 10 years. I ate, slept and dreamt about “residual income”.

In my mind I was thinking that all I had to do was get three people to sign up…. they would then get three and so one…

There are over 250 million people in the US and if I can’t find 3 I must be sick in the head.Right?

with that all I needed was to maintain a certain amount of customers.
There was no time limit, I couldn’t get fired, there was no boss, and I
work for myself (but not by myself).

And So My Journey Began…

When I got started with MLM and network marketing I worked with bought leads. ( That was what I was taught to do with the company I joined up with)

soon found out there are MANY mlm lead generation companies online and
you can get leads for anywhere from a few pennies to over $30 apiece.

Most of these lead companies generate their leads by placing ads about
working at home and when someone fills out the info form to get more
information, they become a ‘lead’ which is then sold to people like us,
that are looking for those very people…

All we have to do
is simply call them up, connect with them, get them some information
about our business and follow up with them.

No One Told Me…

NO ONE TOLD ME that only about one out of every hundred would actually
be INTERESTED to hear what I had to say when I called them up.

I DID invest in some personal development training by Dani Johnson that was incredible.

I would highly recommend it to ANYONE in any mlm business!

Heck, it even changed my marriage and relationships by going to that training. I will never regret spending the money to do it.

But Buying Leads Costs Money

So the only other option was to go with my warm market….a market that quickly turns cold, I soon discovered. hehe

had to find those 3 people and customers through friends and family
that I already knew which was even better. I was told that because I
already knew them so they would trust me.

Plus I probably wouldn’t get many rejections from them.

My list consisted of approximately 80 people.

10 or so of them I could call up right away and pique them due to the
fact that we talk on a weekly basis. The rest of them I was a little
cautious because they were people that I knew but we would only talk
when we passed each other.

My upline told me to put them on the list anyway and even to put him on there.

The reason was because he or those people I didn’t get along with may remind me of someone else I forgot to put on the list.

Months later I realized that I had 5 warm market
friends and family I had left on my list. It is true that I DIDN’T
call nearly everyone on my list, but after talking to the first several
dozen I just couldn’t do it anymore.

And Then I Found It…

I had seen
Site Build It
and saw it as just another one of those programs trying to get me in.

couple of weeks later I looked at it again just to see what it was
really about and was amazed to discover that it was a program that
helped you generate leads through a website that you build on your own.

I am a bit on the analytical side, so I needed to know exactly HOW they
did this and how can they guarantee that I would get some REAL leads.

I thought to myself, “People calling ME to find out what I’m offering? COOL but….yeah right!”

I read just about EVERY PAGE on their site. It took me 3 months to make up my mind on this program for several reasons.

One was that I didn’t have the money to invest at the time.

the reason I was using the ‘warm market lead generation method” was
BECAUSE of the fact that I didn’t have money to keep purchasing leads.

I needed
that this will work if I apply myself.

My Only Regret…

My only regret is that I didn’t get started with SBI sooner!

I soon discovered that even EVERY lead generated on my SBI site was worth HUNDREDS of bought leads, that I had been paying way too much money for!