New Network Marketing Companies List

A rumor has been going around that in order to be successful in mlm you have to join new network marketing companies when they first launch.

new network marketing companie

And while there is some truth to the fact that it is always good to get into a new network company early, it is never too late to get into a GOOD network marketing company.

Some people think this is true because it seems that most of the
successful people always were one of the first to get in.

The way most
people explain it is if you were the first to get in a network marketing
company, every body that comes in afterwards is automatically in your

That may sound true, however it is not a fact.

This depends TOTALLY on how their comp plan is set up.

Top Earners: New Network Marketing Companies

There are many independent representatives that are top earners that joined YEARS after the company was started.

Most network marketing companies structured their compensation plan so that everyone in the company has an equal opportunity to be just as successful as anyone in the business.

New network marketing companies have many things to prove.

They don’t have an extensive track record to stand on so they have to promote and market heavily.

They have to show a steady growth in revenue year after year to achieve a good selling point.

Here is a list of network marketing companies that have been in business less than 10 years and have shown themselves to be promising.

8 years

4 years

Call Tech
8 years

Fuller Brush Company
8 years

Mona Vie
4 years

Nature’s Sunshine
8 years

8 years

Stella & Dot
8 years

Thirty-One Gifts
7 years

Tomboy Tools
8 years

Two Sister’s Gourmet
8 years

Vitamin Power
8 years

7 years

Your Travel Biz
8 years

Zija International
9 years

2 years

If you are looking to join a new network marketing company feel free to
read more about the ones on the list above. There are more network
marketing companies that have been in business a short time. Do your
due diligence before signing with any company.