Qualified MLM Leads – What Exactly IS That

To be sure that you have qualified mlm leads
you first have to know WHAT a QUALIFIED lead is! When I first got
started in network marketing, I didn’t know what a lead was, much less a

qualified mlm leads

There are two terms that you need to get familiar with in multi level marketing or network marketing.

Those terms are Lead and prospect.

A LEAD is someone who possibly has a chance at being a business partner with you… it is what WE become when we fill out ANY form on the internet to get more information about something.

I had no idea I was a lead when I filled out that form wanting more information on a home business!

Now, looking back, I realize I was a very qualified mlm lead as I was very actively looking for something that works. =)

What is a Qualified Lead?

A PROSPECT is what a lead becomes after they say ‘yes’ to your business opportunity or someone who qualifies to be your business partner or downline. A prospect would be your qualified lead.

example would be if you are in an MLM company that sells jogging shoes, a lead could be anyone in the phone book, because everyone at one time or another wears jogging shoes (that’s why some come up with the saying that everyone is your prospect (which is not always true!) Your qualified lead would be a distance runner, endurance athlete, or someone on the track team, etc.

You would know if a person is a qualified lead if:

  • 1. This person is the decision maker when it comes to the business opportunity.
  • 2. This person has a vision and passion of where they want to go with a home business.
  • 3. This person has some idea of what ‘working at home’ is all about.

There is a BIG difference between a Qualified MLM Lead (Prospects) and ordinary Leads. Understanding the difference between the two could mean a positive adjustment for your bank account and your team.

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