Recruiting Tips for MLM – Don’t Be a Shark

Needing some recruiting tips that may help with building your downline?

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Don’t be a shark… swimming the waters
of humanity looking for your next meal or prey! NO ONE likes to be a
target, and people can smell a salesman from a mile away.

There are three main areas to focus on when recruiting or building an mlm business.

The Initial Contact:

This is very important.

It is similar to one’s first impression, instead it would be the first impression of your business.

Before you approach a prospect (that you already know) take into consideration what type of person that they are.

recruiting tips for network marketin

For instance, if they are the type that is interested in facts, you don’t want to turn them off by approaching them with over-emphasized hype (unless it is natural excitement for your company). Analytical people will be totally turned off by hype!

the prospect is likely to be more open to your opportunity because they
know that you believe in the company and they have seen your success,
by all means make sure they know that you ARE excited about your company
you should always be excited about your company, but sometimes you need to keep your excitement more controlled than other times!

More Recruiting Tips for MLM

Most likely you’ll rarely see prospects sign up on the same night
that they’re exposed to your business opportunity. They will most
likely have questions that night as well as a few days later.

the prospect why you contacted them specifically. They may be business
minded , keep their business option open, be a people person, etc. Make
them aware of their asset and what attracted you to them.

also want to handle their objections honestly. Put yourself in their
shoes. Don’t just tell them what they want to hear. Remember 90% of selling (or recruiting) is listening.

We have to actually LOOK for a solution to their objection. However,
you have to know the REAL reason they may be hesitant to join your
opportunity in order to honestly handle their objection. And to FIND the real reason, you have to first LISTEN to what they have to say.

Explain The Solution:

Once you handle their objections, explain the solution and how it would benefit them.

Do not come across pushy or aggressive. People don’t like to feel pressured.

If they need the product they will take advantage of it when it is presented in front of them, not when it is pushed on them. Remember that people like to buy (make decisions on their own) but they don’t like to be sold.

These are just a few of the recruiting tips available throughout this website and one of the BIGGEST things that helped me with recruiting in ANY business was Dani Johnson’s training which you can find on this page.

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