Social Network Marketing – Why You Better Be Doing It

Social network marketing may come across strange at first even though you have probably heard of social MEDIA marketing or social BOOKmarking and the reason we want to discuss this is because network marketing IS being social.

social network marketin

So basically, ANY means of social marketing can be used for NETWORK marketing.

Confused yet?:)

Let me see if I can explain it a bit better…In plain terms…Social sites are usually networking sites such as myspace, facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. People use these sites to network for whatever their purpose is whether it is catching up with old friends, meeting business partners, or meeting new family. If you browse the profile’s of people in MLM companies you’ll see that most of them have profile pages on most of these networking sites.

These sites will considerably widen your clientele if you properly take advantage of it. And notice I said PROPERLY… it is almost impossible to SHOVE or PUSH your business into somebody’s lap and expect them to be interested. Which is why you need to be SOCIAL about it.

Some of the best ways to do social network marketing are the following:

  • Participate in forums… add VALUE with your posts, don’t spam the sites with pushy posts about your wonderful business opportunity.
  • Blogs… set up your own blog and then interact in the blogger community and add value to other blogs by posting comments. Most of the owners will be glad to add your comment, with a link back to your site if your comment carries value.
  • Use social bookmarking sites such as twitter, digg, tumblr, etc, to add short bookmarks and interact in there as well.
  • Basically, the whole point of social networking is to
    interact with people which will in turn put value on anything you have to offer, which will generate some money in your pocket with time. And that is what we are after right?