Viral Marketing and GOOD Internet Marketing To Generate Your Own Leads

Viral marketing definition, in simple terms, USED to be the result of the invention of mass media channels such as newspaper, radio, internet and television.
The reason for the term “viral” is the fact that the word is compared to virus. When we hear that a virus is going around, the first thing we relate it to is something contagious that spreads around.

The difference with using viral marketing as a good internet marketing strategy as a way to generate your own leads, is YOU would be the one sending out the virus (of course, it would not be an actual virus!), but for the sake of analogy, we will use that term. Youtube is a well known way to do viral marketing on the internet these days.

This type of internet marketing would use anything within its means to make their information, product, or service catchy or contagious as possible to its consumers or potential clients. It’s also comparable to a gorilla marketing strategy that many companies have used as both offline and online marketing strategies.

Viral Marketing involves taking different aspects of a marketing strategy and using it to your full advantage. For example, if you have a product you have to first create an atmosphere of curiosity surrounding it. Basically create a buzz and give people a reason to talk about it.

When I say give them a reason to talk about it, I don’t mean promote your product to death. I mean create an anticipation for your product.

Viral Marketing in the Movie Industry

The movie industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. When you go to the movie theatre do you see a movie just because you wanted to get rid of $10 in your pocket?


Most likely you saw a preview on television called a Teaser Trailer promoting the movie.

Notice the first word in that phrase (teaser). It is just enough to tease you to make you want to see more.

Then when you finally go to the movies to see it you sit through several more teaser trailers that say “Coming Soon” at the end of each one, before the feature film actually comes on.

While the trailer is being shown it usually leaves you with a feeling of anticipation, inspiration, a warm heart, or controversy.

Until the time of the release date of the movie you are guaranteed to see media broadcasts such as billboards, newspapers, radio stations and internet websites promoting the
movie. It serves as a reminder that you MAY JUST want to see this movie!

The movie industry does very well at viral marketing. They use all avenues that are monetarily beneficial to them and execute their plan.

Viral Marketing in MLM

As for viral internet marketing in mlm the same rules apply.

It is good to remember, that people like to buy but hate to be sold.

It is a fact that most people make decisions based on their emotions.

For example, Ryan had a prospect named James who was into sound systems and the latest technology for his car.

Ryan invited James to a company meeting one day. James turned it down, with a comment, such as, “I’m not joining you on another one of those pyramid scams.

Several months later Ryan just happened to leave some uncashed checks lying around his house while James was there.

A couple of days later JAMES asked Ryan if he would TAKE him to a meeting.

Ryan actually saw a vision of a teaser trailer of what he could have if he took the business seriously.


Another situation is when a friend of mine invited a buddy to a
network marketing business meeting with him. The friend replied that he
would never have time to go because of his work schedule.

After a few missed trips to Las Vegas his exact words were, “What’s that business you’re in again?”

He saw a teaser trailer of himself with free time on his hands to be able to travel also.

The difference with both of these prospects is they had a chance to be pre-sold before THEY approached us.

By seeing what they saw, they either felt motivated, inspired or anticipative. Either way, they FELT something.

When people actually FEEL excited they naturally tell other people, usually their friends.

That’s why “word of mouth” is exceptionally powerful.

That’s why some network marketing companies tell their representatives to contact everyone on their warm market list.

reason is people will believe what a close friend will tell them
compared to a stranger who they think is just out for their money.

Word of Mouth is one way to spread information quickly.

the product, idea, or service is controversial (but honest) I guarantee
that information will spread around faster than expected.

Good Internet Marketing WILL Generate Leads for Your Business

Other viral marketing methods include using websites.

Even though some network marketing companies still encourage us to talk to people one on one to gain prospects, 90% of the companies have websites to promote themselves.

The best thing we can do for your mlm business is to build a website of some sort.

I personally recommend starting with a small site with your personal story on it, some articles about internet marketing, WHY you chose the mlm company that you did, etc.

Remember, you want to PIQUE THEIR INTEREST – NOT tell them all about it!

The whole point of using viral marketing to generate leads is to get your visitors to fill out a short form to get more info from you and when that happens, BINGO!

A fresh, hot lead that you can call.

Tip for calling leads: Call them within 12 – 24 hours. This is huge. They are YOUR lead and when you show them that you care enough about their interest to actually CALL them, you will be amazed at their openness.

Visit our free prospecting tools page here for GREAT prospecting tools to help you know what to do with all the leads you generate.

The possibilities for viral marketing include:

  • blogs

  • articles
  • websites
  • emails
  • videos
  • commenting on blogs
  • forum posting

With ALL of the above methods, make SURE your website link is included.

Viral Marketing will give you an edge over your competition by attracting prospects to you.

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