Voice Mail Script That Gets the Call Back

A Simple Voice Mail Script Can Save The Day!

Once I found this simple voice mail script, I LOVED leaving messages on phones for folks.

voice mail script

When I was actively dialing leads for several hours a day, I also
used a marketing system so I could tell how many people actually went to
the website after leaving the voice mail message.

I highly
suggest using an online marketing system of some sort as you NEED to
track your results, if you expect to see success in your business.

FIRST Voice Mail Script

Remember to SMILE when you are on the phone – you are not a salesman! =)

__________, This is _______, just calling you back as you had requested
more information about making money at home. I have a lot of folks to
get back to you right now, so give me a shout and we’ll get you that
info. My number is ——–. Have a great day and look forward to
talking to you soon.”

I always noted the time of day and date of the messages. I would normally wait a day or two depending how many calls I was making a day and then call back.

If they answer, you simply start with the calling script found here, and if there is no answer, leave voice mail script number two and move on.

SECOND (and final) Voice Mail Script

I tend to leave very upbeat and non-pushy messages, but there are
others that get more aggressive and get great results with that,too, so
it kinda depends on your own personality.

_________, this is _______ giving you a shout back. Just trying to get
that info to you about making money from home. Hey listen, I am pretty
busy helping others get their business set up, and don’t have time to
keep returning calls, so here’s my website “_______” and number ______.
My name is _______. Call me when you’re ready to get more info and I
look forward to meeting you soon. Have a great day!”

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