WAHM Info For Work At Home Moms

Wahm is simply an acronym for Work at home moms. Some women choose this as a profession ..others decide to do it for personal reasons.


Either way, these Moms have discovered a way to take what they LOVE doing and make a living doing it.

it takes is the ability to write about your passion or hobby, and you can make money at home.

It really IS that simple and it’s ABSOLUTELY possible to make a great income with a home business on the interne

it Works…

I personally make most of my income through writing about my interests and hobbies, but here are a few other common ways to make money from home:

My favorite one is Natures Pearl as the product is amazing and you can make great money with it.

  • MLM businesses…such as Avon, Amway, etc… actually here is a huge list of mlms if you want to check that out.
  • Network Marketing… which can mean several things, such as marketing an mlm business or other products via the internet
  • Affiliate Marketing… this is what I do mostly as a wahm, and it is simply using the information age we are living in and capitalizing on it to make money.
  • Writing for money … this can be done several ways. One is in using the way I do it with websites such as this one, or there are places you can write articles and get paid per item.

One thing to keep in mind when looking at a work at home job such as
writing for money… it usually only pays about $2 – $6 an hour! at
first until you get REALLY good at writing.

No joke.

articles for pay is not the way to get the bills paid! ESPECIALLY when
you know you can write for your OWN website and get paid over and over
for the same amount of work.

However, I can assure you … as a wahm of about 6 years… If you are persistent and consistent and never give up learning, you WILL find ways to make money with the internet and your computer!

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Your SUCCESS in Having a home Business on the Internet will Depend a Lot on What kind of Network Marketing Training You Have Taken

No kidding – when I FINALLY sat down and took advantage of some free and paid training, I started making money from home as a wahm.

Don’t wait – go grab some great free tools!

Some women become wahms not because they want to. Some choose the responsibility due to the fact that they may have children to care for at home. It may be a joint decision between the mom and the spouse that it was best to stay at home for the protection and up keeping of the home.

Check out his moms great story below!