What are Backlinks and How to Get Backlinks

What are Backlinks and How to GET Backlinks

We get the question a lot, “What are backlinks and how can I get QUALITY backlinks?”… so we will try to address those two questions here with some basic information.

what are backlinks

It is best to gather backlinks to our sites gradually over a period of time, and we can do it the slow way where we build one here and another there, but there are ALSO ways you can get TONS of backlinks with very little work on our part. I just wish I had found some of this stuff WAY earlier in my journey but then I guess it IS a journey! =)

If you have been building websites for any length of time, you probably know this answer but I know even after I was working on my sites for over a year, I still didn’t know the importance of backlinks and how much I needed to pay attention to them.

If you have been working on sites for any length of time you really need to look at outsourcing your backlinking. If you only have a certain amount of money to invest into your blogs and websites, then my advice to you is to keep adding your own unique content to your sites, but start outsourcing the backlinking. You can do quite a bit for less than fifty bucks a month.

  • So What ARE Backlinks?….
    A backlink is when someone clicks on a link TO your site FROM another site, creating a “link back” to your site. The reason search engines place so much value on this is because it shows your site has value if it shows up in directories and social networks.
  • How to GET backlinks with minimal effort…There are several tools I have been using with great success that allow me to completely outsource my backlinking and social marketing for literally peanuts, allowing me so spend my time creating unique content for my sites on a regular basis and I’ll share a few of them below for you.

Recipe for success with backlinking and social bookmarking tools

Here is a simple recipe to follow on a weekly basis. IF you FOLLOW this for about six months, you will see amazing results. I saw results within the first month actually! So if you have a website or blog that you have been working on…

  • This part only needs to be done ONCE…Go to Directory Maximizer , register for an account and set your site to be submitted to 100 directories every month.


    Add your home page and then set up twenty variations of titles and descriptions. This will take some time, but it is worth it TEN times over! You only need to do this once and the system will save your information, but this is HUGE for you to get the most out of your directory submissions.

  • This next step need to be done EVERY week in order to have a successful website.. add one or two pages of unique, original content to your website.
  • Now go and submit your newly added website page to 40 – 50 (or as many as you want!) social sites with their system.

    This time, set up about 5 – 10 different titles and descriptions.

  • Then go to Technorati.com and search for your keyword in the ‘blogs’ section for blogs to comment on. Comment on 5 – 20 blogs.

    Blog Commenting Tip:

    Leave relevant comments to ensure that the blog owner will WANT to post your comment otherwise you are simply wasting your time!

Do these simple steps every week and you will soon start to see results even if you only recently discovered the answer to ‘what are backlinks’!