Work Smarter Not Harder – Get That Computer Working Smart for You

Work Smarter not Harder

That’s right.

work smarter not harder

MLM and network marketing are some of the best tools to help us work smarter not harder!

If we are fortunate we can sign up enough people so that THEY will now
work and WE will benefit off their labors… therefore the “work smarter and not harder” principle comes into play.

The ultimate goal of being a representative of an MLM company is to be financially free, quit your 9 to 5, and be able to help others.

The ONLY way to do that is to have the required number of business partners and customers according to your company.

QUALITY People – Not Quantities of People

What often happens is that many reps concentrate too much on numbers and not enough on QUALITY…ONE active, motivated go-getter business person is better than twenty signups that need to be babysat and hand held the whole way!

You might’ve heard the term “Law of Averages.” That is simply talking about the average number of people you recruit or sell per certain number of contacts.

work smart not har

For example, you would recruit or sell 5 people for every 16 people you talk to. You may recruit or sell
3 people for every 18 people you talk to. Once you figure out your
average recruitment level you start making personal goals for yourself.

In the industry of network marketing and mlm it is wise to work smarter not harder. In MLM for instance: We are taught to introduce your opportunity to a certain amount of people. Those people then speak to your upline after you edify them. Then they sign up to be your business partner or downline.

from the first example, if you want to recruit 10 people you may
contact 32 people. If you want to sell to 7 people you may contact 24
people. While this may be a good strategy it may persuade people to
work hard at the wrong thing. If more reps would work smarter not harder
, they may improve their law of averages. Imagine if you could recruit 10 people for every 13 or 14 people you present to…

work smarter not harder it is wise to begin by being knowledgeable
about your company from their strategies to their products…. then learn about your customers and markets.

Do NOT miss this HUGE network marketing tip.

Market research shows that Ninety percent (90%) of selling is listening. THIS IS HUGE!!

A person likes to be treated as a human being with feelings and no a dollar sign. When a prospect gives you an objection it is probably a legitimate reason and not just an excuse. They may REALLY WANT to be a part of the company or need your product.

Work WITH your prospects on how they may be able to be a part of what you are introducing to them WHILE taking their situation into consideration.

If you just keep dumping your business opportunity on people you will find yourself wasting long and hard hours on prospects who spend their time hiding from you.

A lack of a sale may usually be bacause of poor strategy or approach rather than lack of hard work or effort. If you work smarter not harder, will benefit you in the future.

You will eventually be looked upon as a professional representative that honestly CARES about people instead of a pushy rep trying to make a quick buck.

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